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Alpha lion who is all growl and bite? Ruthless brawlers? Five lions too savage to love... until they find their fated mates.

When betrayal hits close to home, the Crowley lions face down old enemies and new threats. Savage in their love, fierce in their fights, these snarly shifters are willing to gamble it all for the sassy not-quite-damsels in distress who set their hearts ablaze and tie their tails in knots.

Savage Pride
Alpha lion Trent has no one but his pride, a group of misfits holding onto control by a claw under his leadership. He doesn’t need the complication of a stubborn, mouthy, human woman who looks him in the eye and sets off every instinct to claim.

Savage Claim
Lion shifter Lindley denied his power and fled his dysfunctional pride. After a decade trying to escape the hell in his soul, he must put aside fear of his inner darkness and forge his aggression into a deadly weapon to save the woman he loved and abandoned.

Savage Chase
Ruthless fighter, aimless drifter. Falling in love means getting ripped in pieces when everything goes to hell. Lion shifter Dash can’t fight the mating fever forever—or deny his insatiable need for the only woman who soothes his inner roar and makes him purr like a kitten.

Savage Craving
Lilah survived a shifter prison break, but the convicts escaped and now she’s on the run. She doesn't want a bodyguard, especially not an intense, inscrutable shifter who looks at her like she’s his last supper. She might not want Seth's help, but he knows she is his mate.

Savage Exile
Rhys is a disaster: too violent for his old pride, and more accustomed to using his fists instead of his words. He's managed to carve out a place among the Crowley lions, but his temper still rides him hard. The only balm is Sage, a shattered woman with a core of fire.

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