Book Series: Shifters of Bear's Den (Shifting Destinies)

Untamed Mate

A Lioness in Peril.

Three years ago, Mara watched helplessly as hunters killed her brother. The men promised not to harm others if she complied with their evil demands. Now, she's serving time in a cell beneath Bearden, trying to atone for the crimes they forced her to commit.

Mara's penance brings her face to face with a fierce and rugged and heavily tatted bear shifter, Hudson Vaughn.

He stirs all sorts of feelings inside her. Desire. Yearning. Need. But now is not the time for that foolishness. The hunters have returned. Their demands are even more sinister. They want shifter children, and they want her too.

Mara intends to confront the hunters. Alone. But Hudson has a different plan...

Together they'll attend a shifter auction, posing as handler and leashed pet. It's all just a fake act. A ploy. And her yanking his leash and taunting him is part of the act too. It's working fine. Right up until the end of the night when all pretense falls away, the lights dim and the growly bear-shifter crowds her into a corner and makes a promise...

I don't need my bear to make you submit, kitty...

Hudson Vaughn has a plan to set his mate free. First, he must convince Mara they're fated to be together. Then, he needs to convince her he'll protect her from every threat. Even the shifter-traffickers that murdered her brother.

What starts as a plan to infiltrate the hunters' auction, becomes something so much more. Mara poses as his handler, but she seems to enjoy her role a little too much. The entire evening, she delights in snapping his leash and full-on flirting with him. None of that was part of the plan.

Little tease.

His mate has a wild side. A naughty side he never imagined, but one he likes very much. His bear snarls and snaps, hungering to make Mara his.

Hudson must destroy the evil forces that stalk Mara, so he can finally claim his sassy, curvy fated mate...

Step into the world of Shifting Destinies, where the men and women you meet might just be a little more than human. Their towns are protected by magic, and their hearts are open and ready for love. But watch your step - more than darkness lurks in the shadows.

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Shifters of Bear’s Den Complete Series

Snarling shifters. A secretive town. Six growly bears claim their fated mates.

Forbidden Mate
Leah lives a life haunted by secrets. She can't stay in one place for long, even if bear shifter Callum’s slow, sexy smile and quiet strength make her yearn for more. As Leah’s secrets unravel, danger looms over her and all of Bearden. Can the alpha bear keep his people safe, especially the woman who is fated to be his?

Dangerous Mate
Rylee doesn’t have time for distractions or bossy bodyguards, even if they’re tall, dark and gorgeous. She’s determined to ignore the tension sizzling between her and gruff bear shifter Cole, but it grows harder to resist his charm as one wicked-hot kiss leads to another. While Rylee and Cole fight their attraction, sinister forces gather in the town of Bearden.

Hunted Mate
No one could call fox shifter Becca fragile. She's been to hell and back and got the t-shirt, thank you very much. After experiencing a tragic loss and the abandonment of her mate, she left Bearden and vowed never to return. Only, fate had a different plan in mind and Nolan’s bear will no longer be denied.

Runaway Mate
Meghan's on the run, hiding from a vengeful ex-fiance after she dumped him at the altar. Just when her heart is on the edge of loving an untamed shifter, danger looms, threatening all she holds dear. The only one who can save her is a wild and feral bear.

Stolen Mate
Everly’s terrible, no-good day starts with defying her alpha’s plans to mate her to make little black panther heirs. Everyone thinks Sawyer is steady and gentlemanly, but that ends when he hauls the curvy blonde to his cabin for some neighborly protective custody. To keep from returning to her alpha, Everly claims she’s already married. To Sawyer.

Untamed Mate
Mara flirted with darkness to save her family. Now, locked in a cell, she struggles to atone for her crimes. Will a hulking bear shifter and a mission to save missing children be her chance for redemption?

The Shifters of Bear's Den Complete Series collection is for readers who enjoy steamy paranormal romance novels filled with intense action, sassy heroines, and broody bear shifters hot enough to melt your heart. Download now because you love forbidden romances, second chances, and happily-ever-afters.

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