Book Series: Dragonsworn


Fated for love...
Or fated for hate?

Failure is not an option.
Dragon shifter Rafael Hart is an elite Dragonsworn guard, destined to protect the royal family from any and all threats.  But their ancient enemy, the dragon slayers, are their most perilous rival. And when a slayer infiltrates their lair, he must destroy her--even if her scent and curves threaten to ruin him.

Weapons of destruction.
As a dragon slayer, Lola Moreau knows her place in this world, but her quiet life producing weapons for the cause is about to be jeopardized. Seeking to prove her new weapons are too valuable to abandon, Lola sneaks into dragon territory to prove everyone wrong. Her mission goes spectacularly wrong when she’s captured by an irresistible foe. Despite her upbringing, Lola is unable to to stop herself from succumbing to the sexy dragon. The heat between them is undeniable and Lola finds herself questioning everything she thinks she knows about shifters.

Fine line between war and love.
When an old threat returns with vengeance, Rafe wonders if Lola is behind the latest attacks. Will Lola turn on him or embrace the love that builds between them?

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She’s destined for him…
But will she betray everything he holds dear?

Bound by blood and magic.
Dragon shifter and Dragonsworn guard Brody Carlisle must protect the heir to the throne. When the young girl is abducted from her bedroom, Brody will stop at nothing to reunite her with the king and queen. But his mission takes a turn when his connection to a rival group of dragon shifters comes in the shape of a tantalizingly curvy, gorgeous woman--who just happens to be his undeniably fated mate.

Born into politics and power.
As one of the human children of the Gallo dragon clan, Marissa Gallo prefers to remain neutral, ignoring the political fire in her dragon kin. But when she's called upon to help rescue a young child, she can't possibly refuse the sexy, chiseled man enlisting her help.

As the heat between Brody and Marissa ignites, the brewing war between factions threatens to keep them apart. Now, Brody must count on Marissa to set aside her family and rescue the heir from the enemy. But does she have a different plan that will destroy everything?

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She's running for her life...
But he just might be a step behind.

Dragon shifter Levi Hastings cares for two things: protecting the heir to the Dragon Throne and beautiful women. Unlike his Dragonsworn brothers, he’s not looking for a mate.  But when he encounters the curvy and fiery woman, he can't resist. With the claiming scent of another dragon dousing her, he knows she's off limits.

Roxanna Pierce is a woman of many names. Fleeing from a rogue dragon stalker for the last year, she knows her time is running out until he finally tracks her down. Desperate to escape the man who’s determined to claim her as his own, Roxy rushes headlong into the strong arms of another, who's just as resolved to get a taste of her. Only this time, Roxy finds it hard to resist her sexy rescuer with the hypnotic hazel eyes.

As her captor descends upon an unsuspecting Azra Valley, he leaves destruction and murder in his wake. Roxy knows she must do whatever it takes to keep Levi and the city safe--even if it means sacrificing herself for the greater good. Will Levi conquer the monster of Roxy’s past before it's too late?

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Dragonsworn Box Set

Bound by blood and magic.

Three elite fighters ascend to the rank of Dragonsworn, guards dedicated to protecting the royal family. But will finding love challenge their sense of duty and set their world on fire?

Book One: Smoulder
Dragon shifter Rafe leads the Dragonsworn against their ancient enemies: the dragon slayers. When one infiltrates his lair, her scent and curves threaten to ruin him.

Book Two: Singe
Brody's mission to reclaim the abducted heir takes a turn when his connection to a rival group of dragon shifters comes in the shape of a tantalizingly curvy, gorgeous woman--who just happens to be his undeniably fated mate.

Book Three: Scorch
With a rogue dragon threatening the city, the last thing on Levi's mind is a mate. But when he encounters a curvy and fiery woman on the run from the monster in the skies, he can't resist.

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