Book Series: Lion Hearts Audio

Savage Pride Audio

Alpha lion who is all growl and bite?
Defiant human with a broken heart?
An enemy out to break them both?

Running from a devastating betrayal, Hailey's wound is salted when car trouble strands her in the path of a snarly lion shifter with a chip on his shoulder the size of Pride Rock.

She can't decide what's worse—his snarky, human hating attitude, or the fact that her judgement sucks and she is falling in love with the devil in sexy blue jeans. But refusing to trust will cost her more than her future happiness... it could cost her life.

Alpha lion Trent has no one but his pride, a group of misfits holding onto control by a claw under his leadership. He doesn't need the complication of a stubborn, mouthy, human woman who looks him in the eye and sets off every instinct to claim.

Especially since his uncle is threatening to solve Trent's Hailey problem with violence.

For Trent isn't the only one who wants to see all humans kicked out of town and lions back at the top of the food chain. He's just the only one who is starting to change his mind...

...the only one who realizes that the love of a mate is worth fighting, dying, and forgiving for.

Savage Pride, Lion Hearts Book 1, is a standalone lion shifter steamy romance. This paranormal with bite is for readers who love enemies to lovers, snarly lion heroes, and sassy not-quite-damsels in distress.

Download now because you crave an alpha too savage to love. . . unless he's your fated mate.

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Savage Claim Audio

Blood on the claws. Love on the run. Like crazy father, like darkness bound son.

Lion shifter Lindley denied his power and fled his dysfunctional pride to save his life. After a decade trying to escape the hell in his soul, he runs into the woman he loved and abandoned.

Runs, literally… as in with his truck.

His instinct is to chase her away, but if he doesn't save his fated mate, he'll be forever lost to encroaching madness.

Kyla is on the run. Her best friend was just sold to the highest bidder, and she's up next. But fate flings her into the path of the man she loved—and who left her to suffer.

He's not the boy Kyla remembers, but the man stakes a savage claim.

Lindley must put aside fear of his inner darkness and forge his aggression into a deadly weapon. Kyla must blossom from an awkward cub into a graceful lioness, and learn to raise her roar and her claws. If either of them falters, the consequence is not just broken hearts, but broken lives.

Savage Claim, Lion Hearts Book 2, is a steamy paranormal lion shifter romance. For readers who crave a fractured but honorable hero, a woman in peril, and a second chance for fated mates to find love.

Listen now because you love a gritty battle for the heart with broken but protective alpha males.

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Savage Chase Audio

He's determined to tear down the walls around his mate's heart, before an enemy rips out his soul.

Ruthless fighter, aimless drifter. Falling in love means getting ripped in pieces when everything goes to hell.

Lion shifter Dash can't fight the mating fever forever—or deny his insatiable need for the only woman who soothes his inner roar and makes him purr like a kitten.

But another male is sniffing around his woman. It's time for Dash to prove he's the deadliest hunter in the pride.

No rival will take what is his.

He'll prove to Colette that he's here to claim, here to stay.

Men are trouble. Mates are worse. Colette avoids anything more serious than a one-night stand like the plague.

But for once in her life she needs help. A vow never to out a shifter to humans is going to cost her everything. Especially when the person she's protecting is giving off stalker vibes.

The only person in her corner is also the only man who tempts her to break her own rules. The man who wants more than her body.

She'll have to trust that a mate bond won't chew her up and spit her out. Dash is the last defense against not just her enemies, but a lifetime of emptiness.

Savage Chase, Lion Hearts Book 3, is a steamy lion shifter romance. This paranormal with bite is for readers who love friends to lovers, women in peril, and growly protective males who purr for only one woman.

Listen now to satisfy your craving for savage on the outside, gooey on the inside alphas. Betcha can't read just one.

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Savage Craving Audio

A woman who loathes shifters. A lion on the prowl for his mate. A threat of death brings them together, and may tear them apart.

Lilah survived a shifter prison break, but the convicts escaped and now she's on the run.

She doesn't want a bodyguard, especially not an intense, inscrutable shifter who looks at her like she's his last supper. Shifters are bad juju, and Seth's sexy intensity feels like some serious black magic. But the most dangerous escaped con wants Lilah dead. Enraged and at the end of her strength she flees—right into the jaws of the enemy's trap. There's no choice but to accept Seth's protection.

Loner lion shifter Seth's own pride doesn't want him—and now his mate rejects him as well.

Seth brings Lilah to Bearden to lie low. She might not want his help, but she has it and more—he knows Lilah is his mate. An entire life lived shiftless and in her presence suddenly his lion breaks free.

But there's no time to explore the growing mate bond. A single fateful moment changes everything, vindicates Lilah's loathing, and sets them on a path that could lead to ruin.

If Lilah doesn't overcome the horrible memories of her attack, and if Seth doesn't connect with his beast, then their fledgling bond will break... and the consequence is death.

Savage Craving, a steamy paranormal romance, is book four in the Lion Hearts series. You're guaranteed a wild ride and a HEA. For readers who love alpha heroes and enemies-to-lovers fated mates romance.

Download now and snuggle up with a shifter bodyguard with bite.

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Savage Exile Audio

He can't save himself, but he'll save her...

Rhys is a disaster: too violent for his old pride, and more accustomed to using his fists instead of his words. He's managed to carve out a place among the Crowley lions, but his temper still rides him hard. The only balm is Sage, a shattered woman with a core of fire. He wants to bring it out of her. Can he avoid getting burned?

She's tired of living under her father's thumb...
Sage narrowly escaped a forced mating, but she can't quite manage to pick up the pieces. Except when she's around Rhys. The rumbly lion makes her ache for something more. But good things don't last for Sage, and her father's demand she return to the man who bought her cuts her to her core.

Can a broken woman find redemption in the arms of her disaster of a mate? Or will old wounds and enemies be too strong for even the toughest lions to overcome?

Savage Exile, a steamy paranormal romance, is book five in the Lion Hearts series. For readers who love a broken alpha hero willing to gamble everything on a second chance with a woman learning to live on her own terms.

Download now for a gritty, intense romance wrapped in fangs and fur.

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